2020 Annual Session Award Recipients

On October 29, 2020 AAOMR presented the following awards during its 71st (and 1st virtual) Annual Sessions

President Dr. Mansur Ahmad presented all of the awards.


Albert G. Richards Award
Dr. Manal Hamdan



Arthur H. Wuehrmann Prize
Dr. Lixuan Niu, Dr. Dong Zheng, Dr. Diancan, Wang, Dr. Jianyun Zhang, Dr. Jun Fei, Dr. Chuanbin Guo



Lincoln Manson-Hing Award
Dr. Kaan Orhan



Howard R. Raper Award (supported by Indiana University)
Dr. Camila Pacheco Pereira



William H. Rollins Award
Dr. Camila Pacheco Pereira



Top Reviewer Recognition
Dr. Akitoshi Katsumata and Dr. Madhu Nair



Research Award, sponsored by BeamReaders
Manal Hamdan – University of North Carolina Detecting Apical Radiolucencies Using Deep Learning Technology: A Pilot Study



Clinical Award, sponsored by BeamReaders
Vidhya Venkateswaran – UCLA The Biology of Periosteal Reactions



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